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At PAWpundance, we see our role not as “trainers” so much as someone who can speak a little dog and a little bit of human. And just enough of each to get everyone speaking the same language to coexist happily and improve relationships. The relationship is the most important part.
We will always start with a look at where both you and the pup are at. We can help by reading some body language cues and translating what you are saying and what your pup is saying. Then we will assess where we are going. We always “train” towards a behavior and not away (corrective or punishment). Then we write a plan and teach the necessary steps to progress along the path.
Hey wait… where are you at? … I’m right here. We can help you from right here. Training is all about creating a bond with your pup. And the bond is best created by YOU! We can coach you from right here! We will teach you to shape the new behaviors and be a fly on the wall during your practice sessions when you get stuck. It doesn’t take much, just a little bit of time each day… 5-10 minutes after or during a daily walk - and you will see remarkable improvement!!
Join our community and see if we can help you train towards a better relationship with your furry house guest!!

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